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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This Next Step is ReVolting

~ PART 10 of the Series: ReV up Your Improv Scenes ~

We’ve spent a lot of time going over just the first phase of the RV method – the ReVeal, but remember as I said in earlier posts, this is the most important phase. It sets the groundwork and the foundation, which allows the scene plenty of fuel, ready to power it into and through the Act II of the improv scene, on its way to the climactic moment. I’ve offered some great tools, skills and techniques that can help you get your scene set up successfully. Now your story and your stage has a good deal of substance to it and is ready to progress to the next phase. Now is time to really get in to the excitement and conflict of the scene or story.

But wait! (Don’t you just hate that? Things are ready to launch forward and someone yells – wait! As an improv director I see this a lot. Why are the actors so reticent and hesitant to get in to the most interesting and compelling and exciting part of this experience?) Well, after that parenthetical diatribe, I’m embarrassed and ashamed not to take my own advice, but I must digress just momentarily for a very important announcement: ReVolt! (at least my digression is an exciting word).

At this point in a story or scene we need something actional that will launch us in to our Act II.